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Welcome to BIC SRL, the nexus of innovation and expertise that propels businesses toward unmatched growth.

Business Inovation Council is a Romanian company whose main activity is internationalization and consulting to companies and start-ups that want to fit into the international market. The company mission is the sharing of innovation: whether it is a product or a process or an organization. BIC through its links with some of the main international centers of excellence, offers its customers ideas for innovation to help them aim for new goals.


Our Expertise: 

Consultancy and Research

BIC SRL specializes in consultancy and research, empowering companies to conquer challenges and embrace cutting-edge advancements for lasting success.

Global Collaborators

As a pivotal partner, BIC SRL facilitates international collaboration, driving tailored projects like LIFE +, Cosme, and Creative Europe for impactful results.

Empowering Insights

We curate impactful events of regional and global significance, fostering knowledge exchange and propelling industry understanding.

Your Growth Partner

Trust BIC SRL as your Business Incubator and Start-up Accelerator, where training, financing access, and mentorship converge for your triumph.

Seizing Global Prospects

Our Internationalization Services enable SMEs and entities to master international markets, from strategy development to networking and financing access.

Innovation Spotlight: Innovationmeet

Discover “Innovation M.E.E.T – Meeting European Excellence in Technology,” our premier conference uniting academia, enterprises, and research in a shared vision of progress.

Step into BIC SRL’s world, where innovation drives growth. Join us in shaping your success story.

Network and activities

Innovation and competence

BIC can rely on the competence of its staff and a network of many SMEs and public/private organizations, to plan and implement innovative measures customized for every single client both in a national and international context

Consultancy and research

BIC is specialized in Consultancy and Research for Companies willing to resolve company criticalities and to take advantage of the latest scientific and technological innovation services.

Transnational cooperation

BIC acts as a privileged interlocutor with schools, businesses and institutions in the realization of customized international projects such as such as LIFE +, Cosme, Creative Europe, Erasmus, Europe for Citizens and Horizon2020.

International Events

Bic constantly organizes conferences, conventions, seminars and and public events of regional, national and international importance in order to disseminate and transfer to the results of its activities, its partners and its clients.

Business Accelerator

BIC is a reliable Business Incubator and Start-up Accelerator for both Romanian and European companies.
Get the early stage support that your business needs.
An accurate process of training will accelerate the life cycle of your company.
Find out all the financial opportunities you can get to see your business grow.
We will help you put your ideas into practice.
Upgrade your skills from more experienced entrepreneurs.


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Digital Farmer

In these days, farmers need to acquire a new set of skills that may be used in various contexts. Through European funding and an international multi-stakeholder collaboration between training institutions, research, universities, industrial consulting, and territorial promotion companies, the Digital Farmer project intends to create a project aimed at producing instructional materials and cutting-edge work-based learning methodologies, platforms for awareness, in order to address this macro-need.

Project page


Vocational Education and Training in Agricultural and Economic Sustainability for Agricultural MSEs project intends to involve the agricultural sector in rural areas, where the knowledge of sustainable agriculture techniques are still to be developed and where the abandonment and its impacts on landscape features have been a striking characteristic of many European rural areas over the last decades. More specifically, the direct target groups of the activities are 10 micro enterprises, and 5 medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural sector for each territory of the organizations participating in the project: Portugal, Romania and Italy.

Project page

CAPS Alliance

In Kenya and Somalia, agriculture stands as a cornerstone of the economy, contributing significantly to GDP and employment. However, this vital sector faces pressing challenges, primarily driven by climate change, threatening food security and livelihoods. Additionally, high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth, pose a significant concern.

To address these critical issues, our project, CAPS Alliance, focuses on enhancing Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. We're committed to the following:

We aim to equip VET teachers with innovative teaching methods and digital competencies to enhance skills development. Our success will be measured by the percentage of teachers adopting these approaches.

We're strengthening expertise in climate-smart agriculture practices and agripreneurship to foster sustainable agricultural growth.

We're working towards standardized curricula that align with continental qualifications frameworks, promoting harmonization and integration in VET education.

Our online platform and forum will facilitate collaboration between VET systems and the labor market, bridging the gap between education and employment in the agricultural sector.



M.I.T. EUROPE - Marketing Internationalization and Tourism in Europe - is a traineeship and European mobility project, conceived and coordinated by Cosvitec scarl, related to the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Plus program, approved in 2016 with code 2016-1-IT01-KA102-00521.



“EUTOUR: European Tourism Skills is an internship and European mobility project, conceived and coordinated by Cosvitec scarl, related to the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Plus program, approved in 2017 with code 2017-1-IT01-KA102-005821.



The Event Managers project, as part of the Erasmus + Program (KA1), coordinated by Marea scarl, involves the realization of a 4-week internship experience abroad, at selected companies in the event organization sector fashion, in the following European countries: Romania, Spain and Malta.



EU_SMART - Tourism, Marketing and Internationalization: your Future in Europe, is a Mobility Project related to the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Plus Program - Learning Mobility in the field of education and vocational training.



M.I.T. EUROPE - Marketing Internationalization and Tourism in Europe - is a traineeship and European mobility project, conceived and coordinated by Cosvitec scarl, related to the Key Action 1 of the Erasmus Plus program, approved in 2016 with code 2016-1-IT01-KA102-00521.

Internationalization Services

BIC offers valid support to SMEs and organizations that want to learn their internationalization opportunities and develop an internationalization strategy.

Here’s a sample of what we can offer to your business:

Develop your internationalization strategy


Our experienced staff will help you develop the best internationalization strategy tailored for your business

Market feasibility studies


We will provide an accurate market feasibility study based on your specific sector and the market you are most interested in.

Develop and adapt your marketing strategies

We will give you advice on how to develop and improve your market strategies.

Networking and access to finance


Our team will teach you how to actively implement the networking and will show you the latest financing opportunities.

Innovationmeet Editions

In 2016 we launched “Innovation M.E.E.T – Meeting European Excellence in Technology”, a conference meeting among stakeholders that has been a great opportunity to bring together Universities, Enterprises and Research centres with the latest innovations in the fields of Research and Technology.