In these days, farmers need to acquire a new set of skills that may be used in various contexts. Through European funding and an international multi-stakeholder collaboration between training institutions, research, universities, industrial consulting, and territorial promotion companies, the Digital Farmer project intends to create a project aimed at producing instructional materials and cutting-edge work-based learning methodologies, platforms for awareness, in order to address this macro-need.

One of our objectives is to standardize and enhance digital competencies for use by VET educators and trainers at the European level in the agricultural sector. Therefore, we will work with didactics to discuss the introduction and use of contemporary innovations and new technologies in the agricultural sector. At the end of the project, 21 trainers and educators from 7 member states and their organizations will be empowered.

Another goal is to develop a new methodology for realizing forms of workplace learning through digital tools. At least 84 "Digital Internships" to be completed at the end of the project. As a result, we will have a greater awareness of innovative practices and digital agriculture with positive effects on environmental sustainability in different local contexts in the businesses and organizations.

All the activities that we will carry out in this project are for farmers. They can put into practice everything they have learned and share their ideas with others in order to create a community