Cad+ short term experience

Cad+ is the project that saw us engaged in an Erasmus + internship (KA1), it was aimed at adult students (fifth year of high school) and recent graduates (within one year of obtaining the Diploma + NEET) of schools with a technical and professional address consistent with the training address related to the Electronics and Electrotechnical sector.


The aim of the project in particular is the improvement and deepening of knowledge related to the design of technical drawing using CAD software used in all sectors related to technical design. We have worked with the following schools: Galvani Institute of Giugliano in Campania (Na), Tassinari Institute of Pozzuoli (Na),

Righi Institute ofNaples. The project involved the realization of a four-week internship for the n. 90 students of the fifth year and of 120 days, 4 months, for n. 12 recipients between the new graduates of June 2020 and the young NEETs (within one year of obtaining the diploma).


The students of the fifth year will carry out the activities (28 days + 2 trips) in Romania, Spain, Ireland (short-term mobility). The 12 recipients (NEETs and recent graduates) will carry out the 4-month internship in Romania, Spain (long-term mobility / Erasmus PRO).


We offered an experience, encouraging the development of professional, linguistic and cultural skills that can be spent in the labor market and, at the same time, encouraging the development of transversal skills, such as self-management and personal responsibility, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills. Finally, the project contributes to the consolidation of the ECVET system, ensuring a better recognition of the skills acquired during Work-Based learning periods

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